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Which Road Bikes Suit Your Needs and Temperament

Road bikes come in different types:

Road bike cycling rekindle your fascination with the outdoors, stoking your need to test the limits of your endurance.  While hitting the road, you get its full benefits as a recreation sport.  That is a given.

people cyclingIt can also be a metaphor for your need for self-mastery. Their drop handlebars, light body weight, and narrow wheels to lessen strolling resistance, it generally the  characterizes, more popularly known as racing bikes.  It likewise equipped from single to fixed gear types.  Designed for well-paved roads, they differ from mountain bikes, configured for off-roads use.

1. Touring bicycles – Riders go off on long distance travel with emphasis on pleasure and endurance over speed. Since these rides are generally intended for charities, touring bikes are sturdy and capable of carrying heavy provisions for their riders. These type of bikes can be an excellent choice.
touring bicycleTouring bicycles feature long wheelbase for rider’s comfort. It also lessens the risk of pedal to luggage conflicts.  Their load capacities determine their design.  Hence, they are equipped with heavy-duty wheels and mounting points for luggage, water bottles, and other provisions for the riders.

2. Hybrid bicycles –Recreational and utility purposes determine the built of these bikes.  Although designed for paved roads, you can also use them on smooth, unpaved paths or trails. This is another great option when shopping the bicycle that meet your needs and temperaments .
Hybrid bicycles
Hybrid bicycles borrow their design from both the mountain and road bike. They have fitted cranks and handlebars, very much like a mountain bike.  It normally equipped with the 700C wheel diameter for speed and wide-rimmed tire for strength.

3. Utility bicycles – These are road bikes meant for commuting, shopping and running errands in towns and cities.

Utility bicyclesFeatures:  Utility bikes are equipped with chain guards, mudguards, luggage carriers, child seat, or auxiliary saddles to transport children and kick stands for parking.  Riders of utility bikes generally wear reflective vests and armbands to make them more conspicuous, thereby lessening risks to their riders.

4. Recumbent bicycles – These are road bikes which place their riders in reclining positions.  From an ergonomic standpoint, this benefits the rider since it spares him less stress when his body weight is more or less evenly distributed.   More importantly,  the risk of head injuries are significantly reduced in case the rider falls off his bike, because of the rider’s low center of mass, and short distance to the ground.
Recumbent bikes

Recumbent bikes are also aerodynamically sound in that they offer less wind resistance to the rider, making him gain more speed.

5. Roadster – The United Kingdom developed specifically this type of bicycle, but Asia, Africa, and Netherlands use it also as a general mode of human transportation.

Features: Roadster bikes are heavier making them more durable. These type of bike usually weigh at 20-23 kgs.  They are equipped with lugged steel frame; rod actuated brakes, upright handlebars, 3-speed hub gears, steel mudguards, chain case and tottered steel cranks. Roadster road bikes

Whatever type of road bikes you decide to buy, you must consider your comfort and safety first before anything else.