Researchers examine the use of legal and illegal supplements and drugs middle and high school students are taking to gain a competitive edge. Students spend billions of dollars a year onsupplements, and while some of them are definitely worth the money, many others do not come close to living up to what they promise.

Changing sports for the worse

However, instead of using at-home drug testing kits that can give false positives, or enforce random unexpected drug screening, experts say parents who suspect their college teen of drug use should have a test done by the child’s doctor.

Whatsoever the reason an athlete may choose to use a performance-enhancing supplementation, most aren’t delivering on what they hope to achieve.

An antidoping survey found college kids want to participate in organised sports for fun, playing with friends, improving their skills, and being healthy thus should not be using supplementation.

Performance enhancers supplements,though, shift the focus to gaining a competitive edge, changing the whole sense of why young athletes and sportsmen are on the field.

What is performance enhancer? 

Sports supplements- specifically the group of supplements called performance enhancers, which are designed to improve performance in an activity or enhance the results you get from your workouts. These supplements have become a huge part of the supplement industry, and new products are coming out all the time.

Some of these products contain a single ingredient, while most of them involve mixes or blends of many different ingredients that are supposed to work together to create even greater benefits than the individual components alone. Check here !

Dangers lay under the labels

Students may take HCG supplements for their performance-enhancing effects, but these claims are often poor marketing tactics, and not backed by scientific research.

“These claims most often are unconfirmed or based on findings from single or even poorly designed studies,

The study found significantglitches with contamination in over-the-counter products HCG.

Take creatine or HCG for example, which is primarily used to increase strength, although it does have some other uses. Creatine was originally sold as a clear powder with no other ingredients, and that product was and still is very effective. Since then companies have made pills, serums, carbonated drinks, and even chewable creatine products.

To conclude:

On the whole, performance enhancers are an interesting group of supplements, and there are some products that are useful to certain people in certain situations. So, what can you expect as you increase your body’s levels of this miracle hormone? Well, bones will become denser since HGH increases calcium retention, your body will recover faster as cell reproduction and regeneration are enhanced, your sex drive will be boosted, you will lose fat and gain/maintain lean muscle mass.

Before you decide on any supplements, however, I always suggest consulting with your physician. There are many products on the market, and you want to make sure whichever product you choose is not only safe but right for you.